Telescope ofrece Servicios de Inteligencia de Mercados, Inspección Previo en Origen, así como Servicios de Inspección de Control de Calidad (QC Assurance Inspection Services) con sede en México, República Popular China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sureste Asiático e India.

Inspection and Audit Services

Trading Compliance – Pre-Shipment Inspection

The Trading Compliance - Pre-Shipment Inspection, is carried out in the country where the merchandise comes from, thanks to this, it is possible to offer significant savings in time, allowing to obtain a prior awareness of the status of the merchandise.
This procedure allows us to anticipate the import and customs clearance processes by preparing the necessary documentation and verify if the goods comply with the regulations and import regulations required by the destination customs legislation.
This procedure allows importers to save time by doing the inspection from the Origin Country instead of doing it at the destination ports as usually is done. This process will help the importer to avoid the payment of container delays / demurrages / warehouse due to errors in labels or documents.
The customer will have the certainty and full knowledge about what will be consolidated in the container giving certainty about the time of customs clearance.
The import time will stop from being an unknown variable to become a predictable variable.

Factory Audit

We verify that your future supplier is a real and established manufacturer under the commercial and labor laws of the country is supposed to be located, taking into account the capacity and experience as a potential supplier, avoiding scams and suppliers without sufficient experience and capacity.

Quality inspection QC. AQL.

We ensure that the supplier has the industrial capacity to produce their goods by applying quality control systems during the production processes. TELESCOPE carries out quality inspections under the international standard of military origin ISO 2851-1 (ANSI / ASQC Z1.4-2003) better known as Aceptance Quality Level, AQL for its acronym in English (Acceptable Quality Level). This system is based on a sampling, which is analyzed based on "the maximum percentage of defects that can be considered satisfactory for the chosen sample".

Reliable Suppliers Hunting

We help to locate potential suppliers with the main objective of being ideal to the desired standards according to your needs as a client.


We facilitate your investments and make your business opportunities grow by having direct contact with your suppliers continuously, as well as giving timely follow-up to your purchase orders.

Consulting and Market
Intelligence Services

Specialized Services for Cost Optimization in Supply Chain

Being located in Bangladesh, China, India and Vietnam allow us to have first-hand information about the different clusters of different commodities such as:

  • Industrial machinery.
  • Supplies of Industrial Consumables .
  • Consumer Products of the Automotive Industry.
  • Supplies of Agricultural .
  • Strategic Basic Basket Commodities.
  • Supplies of Strategic Products for Automotive Industry.
  • Products of Clothing and Footwear Industry.
  • Services for Cost Optimization in Supply Chain

    The provision of strategic products has been researched and implemented successfully, such as:

  • Rice.
  • Pepper.
  • Tractor and truck tires.
  • Shock absorbers.
  • Industrial machinery.
  • Lines of Production of Various Products for the Construction Industry.
  • Diesel and Fuel Production Lines from Tire Recycling (Pyrolysis).
  • Supplies for Companies Chained to the Automotive Industry.
  • Supplies of the Disposable Diaper industry.

  • These services consist of the research and development of suppliers, purchase of products (Source) at the best possible cost, quality inspections, review at origin (Trading Compliance Pre-Shipment Inspection, to optimize customs clearance), as well as import process of products to Mexico.
    We are being pioneers in the figure of: "Legal Representative" for the importation without the need of the figure of the Customs Agent, likewise we implement the Lean Supply Chain Program in our projects.


    The main benefits of our services are the savings in costs and time, in addition to the real awareness of the markets and goods that are searched.

    The use of Market Intelligence tools, statistical controls, our own infrastructure and manpower gives us the advantage of reaching a place others can not reach and giving the best solution to the needs of our customers.

    We have inspected and audited more than 60,000 Purchase Orders (P.O.) and more than 50,000 containers, generating for our customers reliability, certainty and security.

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